Five easy ways to be politically engaged

No matter which political party you belong to, one thing is clear: the monumental events of the past year have stirred political activism to a level of passion not seen since the 1960’s or 70’s.

It seems like now is the time to get politically engaged and keep the momentum going.

Don’t even know where to begin? Here are five simple things that you can do to be more politically engaged:

1) Follow your elected representatives on social media 

Find and follow your state and federal MP’s on social media. While it may throw off your Instagram ratio, this is a super quick and easy way to hear updates directly from the people that represent you. Sometimes an MP’s social media account can also give you great insight into of what sort of issues matter to them.

To find out who is your state MP, check out your state government website.

To find out who is your federal MP, check out the Open Australia website. Search your postcode and it will provide you with not only the name of your local MP, but how they have voted on particular issues in Parliament.

2) Subscribe to daily newsletters from reputable news websites

Get news delivered directly to your inbox and keep up with the top headlines of the day. I subscribe to a wide range of news organisations including The Age, The ConversationGuardian AustraliaHerald Sun and Pedestrian TV (who doesn’t love a bit of pop culture?).

Unhappy with journalism or media coverage on your Facebook feed? Simply unlike and find a publication that represents good journalism to you. Support it any way you can. Pay for a subscription if need be.

Don’t follow the news? Click here to read why I think you should.

3) Discover what you are passionate about and follow the cause

Hopefully you don’t need to think too hard about this one. What do you care about? How do you think we can make the world a better place? What makes your blood boil?

Not sure? Here’s a good list to get you started.

4) Engage in healthy political discussion with your family

Have discussions on the issues that you believe in with the people closest to you. Engage in respectful debate. Keep it clean and  in person only. And definitely not on Facebook.

5) Donate

Can’t be bothered attending a rally? Or volunteering your free time? At the very least, let your wallet do the talking and donate to your chosen cause. Just make sure your chosen charity is registered on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission register.


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