The one thing I hated when travelling

There was a lot of things I didn’t like about spending three months travelling through Europe.

I didn’t like lugging my increasingly heavy suitcase on buses, trains, ferries and planes.

I didn’t like the way Google Maps would always take us down the most bizarre routes, including an unnecessarily long trip through the Greek countryside.

And I really didn’t like the B&B owner in Rome, who literally locked us out of our building when we were late to check-in (you can blame Google Maps for that too).

But there’s only really one thing I truly hated.

I really hated that so many of my friends and family were in Europe at the same time, but we couldn’t catch up.

Some friends were literally a short ferry ride away, but tight itineraries meant we couldn’t meet up. It sucked.

Enter Loom: the new travel app that is set to revolutionise the way we travel.

Created by university students Anthony Soriano and Jake Barker-Daish, the app matches you up with friends travelling the same time.


“There’s nothing better than meeting up with friends and experiencing travel together,” Anthony says.

“We created the app to make it easier for people to experience this.”

Simply enter in your itinerary, and the app will tell you if you match up with your friends plans, or if you’re a ‘near miss.’

“The near miss feature is a favourite of mine and comes in handy especially when initially planning your trip,” Anthony says.

“Before you lock in your accommodation, you can hop on Loom and alter your itinerary to match your friends.”


Image courtesy of Loom


The guys at Loom have also teamed up with tour companies including Koda Sail, Sail In Greece, Go Sail Turkey and Oh So Croatia to make your sail experience easier.

From the Loom app, you can communicate with other sail passengers before you board and then plan to meet up after sail ends.

“Put simply, the app is all about making your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. What’s better than making memories with old and new friends?”

Travelling solo can be awesome…

But some moments are better shared with friends!




The app is free and available on both the app store and Google play.

To find out more about Loom click here.

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